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Searock Hydrosystems Your Trusted Water Partner.

0803 7671 988, 0909 9757 754, 08098316169 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Searock Water Foundation

Searock Water Foundation is the non-profit arm of our company setup as a charitable trust Foundation with the exclusive purpose of raising public awareness, and providing technical assistance, support knowledge sharing and facilitate the provision of humanitarian aid throughout Nigeria and west Africa and also with the sole purpose of providing safe healthy drinking water of international standards to areas where accessibility and supply is highly needed.

As we continue to provide water services to private clients and communities around Nigeria we noticed a recurrent trends in some of the communities we have worked. Those who are in dire need of clean water are actually those who have little or no access to this natural resource. children die everyday because of water related illnesses. Man-hours are lost yearly because of the long trek women will have to go in search of clean portable water. The Men are not left out because there is a direct relationship of water to the productivity of the man. This is an abnormality.

This ought not be so. So as an organization we are burdened with these development and saddened with this ugly reality. we didn't stop there. We have taken a step further in providing these group of people with access to clean water.

"Water is a fundamental human need and so must be treated as a fundamental Human Right" Kofi Anan

The lack of water is often an insurmountable obstacle to helping oneself. you cant grow food. you cant build houses, you cant stay healthy you cant stay in school and you cant keep working. without water, the opportunity of breaking out of the poverty circle is incredibly slim.
The united nations estimates that sub-saharan Africa alone looses 40billion hours per year sourcing and collecting water.  that's the same as a whole year worth of labour by France  entire workforce. this is an incredibly valuable time.

it is also estimated that 70million Nigerians have no direct access to clean portable water.  when a water solution is put in place, sustainable agriculture is possible. children are sent back to school instead of collecting water and being sick from water borne diseases.
Searock water foundation is in the service of Humanity. to help make our Country a better place. all projects and programmes are funded directly by our organization and indirectly by our friends, partners and volunteers. 10% from every of our proceeds is deducted for the execution of this project.

So when you patronize us and make us your number one water engineering company you can be rest assured that you are also helping us achieve this dream of providing our communities with clean water. we appreciate your support in no small ways.
With the help and support of our friends and partners we help bring water to these people around Nigeria.